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To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must watch the way you market your products with the way your prospects learns about and shop for your products. - Brian Halligan


At Silver Spun, we not just design integrated marketing & communication plans but also ensure seamless execution of the same thus helping brands connect with their target audience across the spectrum.

Our enthusiastic team follows the 360 degree approach of understanding the brand, targeted markets, existing and potential competition, key problem areas, end results, external factors and the business objective. Such a holistic view enables us to effectively put these parameters at work to design the brand communication & marketing strategy, which are also cost-effective.

While not disregarding the traditional processes of marketing and advertising, Silver Spun identifies the need for innovation and creativity for any marketing activity to stand out and hence, applies out of the box thinking to every strategy brainstormed.

The transition from seamless execution to building a successful brand isn’t complete without internal evaluation and customer feedback, which help us ideate further and develop newer strategies.

Heeta Parikh

Founder & CEO

Equipped with an MBA in Marketing, Heeta has extensive hands on corporate experience across media houses which include BIG 92.7 FM, UTV & MTV India. The cross platform exposure and interactions throughout her journey have formed the basis of her networking within the industry, which anchors every plan to the shore.

She has steered Team Silver Spun to think of unconventional, innovative and effective schemes which ensures that every endeavour is a success and leads to highest levels of customer satisfaction.