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Started in 2014, Silver Spun is one of the youngest and fastest growing PR firms in India. We are known for our smart, as well as hard work that we pour in to make our client’s brand stand out in the crowd of many.

It all started with Founder & CEO Heeta Parikh’s dawning realisation that a 9-5 job simply wasn’t cutting it for her. Taking fate into her own hands, she quit to branch out on her own, and soon landed Wafflist (the first eggless waffle store at Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai) as her first client through a friend’s recommendation. Working on her clients’ Public Relations & Marketing needs from home initially, her growing success soon led her to move into a family office with a team of two. More work and more clients steadily resulted in a larger team, and in no time, Silver Spun was ready to move into its own office space.


Serving clients from various walks of life in the country and overseas, Silver Spun is a multi-specialist, full-service firm, carrying creativity at its heart.  Our clients include names from areas such as food, hospitality, literature, health, lifestyle, FMCG and entertainment.


We do not only integrate marketing and communication plans, but also have a proven history of successfully executing the same. These plans can often involve high stakes, state of urgency and uncertainty about the outcomes, but our seamless and well thought-out execution has helped brands connect with their desired target audience in the best manner.

We credit our success to two factors: our approach and our team.


Our approach towards our clients is based on our solutions, which are customised for every unique problem and have a robust problem-definition. Our expertise is built on unique templates and processes that run on the premise of creativity.


Our very enthusiastic team understands very well that Public Relations is a blend of 90 per cent behaviour and 10 per cent communications. They have a knack for relationship building with sustainable and integrative business strategy. They are trained to follow a holistic approach, or what we call, a 360 degree approach of understanding the brand and client brief, brainstorming on the media strategy and communication, selecting the targeted markets, existing and potential competition, key problem areas, end results, external factors and the business objective. This enables them to effectively put these parameters at work to design the brand communication and marketing strategy, which are also cost-effective.

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(CEO & Founder Silver Spun Brand Solutions)

It would not be wrong to call Heeta an over-achiever for her age. She is a successful businesswoman, a motivating industry leader and the founder of Silver Spun Brand Solutions.

After acquiring a degree in management (MBA – Marketing), and work experience of more than 5 years with big names like 92.7 Big FM and MTV, she decided to break out of her shell and venture out on her own with Silver Spun Brand Solutions.

Starting from the scratch, Heeta registered an impressive growth rate of 300 per cent for Silver Spun, making it one of the fastest growing Public Relations firms in India. After bagging her first client Wafflist, more like Testpitara.com, Chef Amrita Raichand and Headphone Zone quickly followed, setting the firm on the successful path that it is today.

From a lone PR soldier to a growing communications specialist, Heeta has certainly witnessed a lot since Silver Spun’s inception, and it is only because she dared to dream!

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